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Emerging managers can benefit greatly from institutional allocations – and institutional investors can benefit greatly from the diversification and performance offered by emerging managers. The catch is that emerging managers frequently have small teams and limited resources to get their strategies in front of the very investors who need them. In addition, there are many firms competing for the same allocations with similar-sounding strategies across the globe and it is difficult for managers to see what the competition is claiming.  

Meeting the Challenge

eVestment provides an efficient marketing channel for emerging asset managers – a web-based shop window optimized for the institutional investor community – available to asset managers of all sizes. Emerging managers also have the option to cast a broader net by easily marketing their strategies across consultant and third-party databases with just a few clicks. In addition, eVestment offers access to competitive intelligence where managers can evaluate how they look compared to their peers – supporting a well-differentiated strategy. Firms with $1.5B AUM or under at the time of becoming an eVestment client experienced three times the AUM growth compared to non-eVestment clients within a year of partnering with eVestment.

Solutions and Uses

Increase Visibility

For emerging managers, the most efficient way to ensure that your products are seen by the top consultants and investors worldwide is to have them in the eVestment database with robust and timely information. There is no cost to you to update the database.

  • Your peers are already reporting on over 36,000 active vehicles across traditional and alternative asset classes
  • Free distribution to over 750 institutional consultants and investors who are actively using eVestment for screening and placing assets
  • 79% of surveyed family office clients agree that having asset manager data listed in the eVestment database is important for manager sourcing and placement of new mandates
  • 100% of surveyed foundation and endowment clients agree that having asset manager data listed in the eVestment database is important for manager sourcing and placement of new mandates

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Perform Competitive Analysis

  • See your products as consultants and investors see them in the eVestment database and gain access to thousands of profiles for competitive products
  • Evaluate how you compare against your peers and industry standard benchmarks using over 50 charts
  • Get a visual snapshot of your product and build comparisons on the fly using our unique interactive capabilities 
  • Build a better marketing message based on in-depth analysis which uncovers your strengths

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Market Your Products Broadly

  • Automatically update information across consultant and third-party databases with just a few clicks – and meet the deadlines
  • Focus on populating characteristics that matter the most to your potential investors
  • Optimize your resource investments with a full-service or technology-based solution

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Gain Insight into Investor Screening Behavior

  • See what potential investors/consultants are shopping for and what attributes are driving their decision process
  • View who investors and consultants view as your competition
  • Prioritize database updates and pass more screens based on the top fields used to screen for your product
  • Better predict institutional asset flows with our unique Flows Forecasting feature

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Track Institutional Asset Flows

  • Assess the global competitive landscape in terms of what types of products are in or out of vogue based on the flow of institutional dollars
  • See what kind of firms are investing in what kind of products
  • Evaluate your expected market share based on volatility/sales efforts/performance
  • Determine if investments in sales and marketing are paying off relative to the market

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Conduct Holdings Analysis

  • Identify top-ranking stocks within specific universes and see how your portfolios contrast with the average portfolio in the universe
  • Differentiate your product and philosophy by using historical and active allocation data to back up claims
  • Enhance performance and holdings overlap analysis
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Score Products on Proven Revenue Drivers

  • View the rating for products across five categories: Performance, Asset Flows, Marketability, Universe Health and Distribution Impact
  • Visualize product’s strengths and weaknesses using a color-coded scorecard
  • Assess products using a cumulative score reflecting the revenue potential and the ability to drive flows
  • Drill down to find out which factors are most important to success among your universe and peers
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"eVestment helps our emerging quantitative firm increase brand awareness and capabilities."

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