eVestment for Allocators Overview

Solutions for Investors & Pensions

Investors and Pensions are rapidly diversifying to include alternatives and global instruments.


Investors and pensions need efficient methods to screen, research, perform due diligence and monitor managers in their quest to deliver returns.They need to know the data they are using is accurate and fresh — and represents the best options available worldwide across every asset class. They must take into account their own assets and liabilities and the impact to portfolio risk while screening strategies and tracking exposures. They also need polished reports and presentations to provide evidence of a sound, inclusive selection processes for regulators and committees. 

Meeting the Challenge


eVestment offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for screening and monitoring managers, as well as risk assessment leveraging the data of the "Most Important Database" as ranked by managers in a 2014 Cerulli survey. In fact, 89% of surveyed pension clients agree that eVestment helps them save 10-20% of their time during the due diligence process, while 65% of pension clients agreed eVestment tools help them evaluate their portfolio in order to improve plan governance. With analysis and intelligence available anywhere through web-based technology, investors can screen more efficiently and monitor more rigorously. For alternatives, eVestment’s analytics provide visibility into private equity for more accurate decisions during the due diligence process, as well as long and short-term return rates, Value at Risk (VaR), Kurtosis and Skewness to help evaluate hedge fund strategies.

Source New Managers

  • Screen across 36,000+ active investment vehicles using 2,800+ unique characteristics for traditional and alternative investments including qualitative information
  • Cross-check your consultant recommendations against what other investors are screening for to find managers you may not have known about
  • Ensure potential manager holdings are varied when compared against others in your portfolio by conducting an active share overlap analysis

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Evaluate Private Equity Managers

  • Look past the headline numbers and gain deeper insight into the true drivers of value to get the information you need for more effective due diligence and decision making
  • Analyze track records at an unparalleled level of granularity and flexibility with configurable performance analysis tools 
  • Quickly generate standard and custom reports of your analysis in a variety of formats, ready to be included into your own documentation

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Monitor Existing Managers

  • Compare managers against peers using numerous industry standard calculations
  • Know if the fees you are paying are commensurate with performance — and if those fees are competitive among other managers
  • Dig deeper to see how active your manager really is and what is contributing the most to success or failure with attribution analysis

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Break Down Performance with Holdings Analysis

  • Understand the impact of security, sector and regional decisions as well as style, timing and activity components – quickly determining the manager’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate attribution against a new and unique peer group relative view — think peer group “benchmark” based on actual and aggregated holdings — or compare against a specific active manger
  • Assess attribution analysis for hundreds of managers at once — no need to import data with reports in less than a minute 

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Create Reporting for Constituents

  • Create made-to-order, reports for stakeholders by dragging and dropping tables, charts and narrative text blocks into one of many layout options
  • Choose from our library of existing templates with the ability to customize reports by adding your  logo and colors
  • Export fund and portfolio reports to PDF 

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Construct and Optimize Portfolios

  • Construct, analyze and simulate active or pro forma portfolios using the Efficient Frontier method
  • Add potential managers to your existing portfolios to see how they would have performed
  • Track liquidity to view upcoming redemption possibilities and fees associated with those redemptions

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Manage Risk

  • Understand portfolio risk is for both normal and non-normal distributions using traditional and fat-tailed frameworks
  • Assess both risk and upside using a returns-based model
  • Utilize an award-winning portfolio risk solution powered by BISAM Cognity
  • Test your portfolio under pre-defined or custom market conditions and shock factors

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Conduct Advanced Peer Analysis

  • Leverage a web-based, peer-holdings database to compare your manager's portfolio to the average portfolio in a universe
  • See how closely your manager is adhering to stated philosophies 
  • Enhance performance and holdings overlap analysis

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Create a Custom Scoring System

  • Customize the eVestment Scorecard model by adjusting the weights of categories and metrics to reflect your own internal methodologies
  • Visualize entire universes of managers at a glance. View ratings for current and potential managers' products on performance, qualitative factors, universe health and operational risks
  • Create or analyze a viable shortlist for an upcoming mandate
  • Tie together underlying insight and intelligence from across eVestment solutions into one manageable interface. Quickly pinpoint manager strengths and weaknesses for deeper due diligence

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