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To make the best manager decisions, you need comprehensive data and analytic tools for screening, comparison and what-if simulations. Leverage Quantum Analytics, built on the institutional market’s most comprehensive database of manager data, to find managers who can meet your investment objectives.

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Ask the right questions

Whether you’re conducting your own manager search or you’re working with a consultant, start with questions that reflect your organization’s values and priorities, then drill into manager profiles to assess the quantitative and qualitative factors you care about.

Monitor your roster

Building a monitor report with the metrics you care about — then automating it to come to you every quarter — ensures regular monitoring never falls through the cracks. Substitute other managers from the database to see their potential impact on your portfolio.

Get behind headline numbers

Most top-quartile managers are delivering similar performance. What differentiates one portfolio team from another is how they’re delivering returns, their thought process and their ability to remain disciplined. Multi-dimensional analysis is key to finding managers aligned with your objectives.

Consider all types of risk

Most investors receive regular reports from managers that would alert them to investment risk, but it’s harder to know about firm, personnel or reputational risk. Having independent data for detecting multiple types of risk is a key part of holding managers accountable.

Don’t overlook emerging talent

Every quarter, 500+ institutional products are added to the eVestment database. Many of these come from smaller, emerging managers that have the ability to pursue opportunities with more agility than larger, established managers.

Optimize outcomes

Stay steps ahead by modeling and evaluating hypothetical or active portfolios to assess your diversification and predict likely results on asset risk, return and growth.

Select the best managers.

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