Traditional Asset Manager Solutions

Solutions for Traditional Asset Managers

Distribution to institutional investors. Competitive insight. Predictive modeling. Ensure that your strategies are well-differentiated.


Performance is table stakes.  Distribution is paramount.  Yet, many traditional asset managers have limited resources, constrained marketing budgets and precious little time to get in front of all potential institutional investors.  Few firms have the resources available that mega-firms have to reach consultants, investors, CIOs, multi-managers, endowments, foundations, etc.  In addition, there are many firms competing for the same allocations with similar strategies across the globe.  How do you know how you compare?  Where should you invest resources to optimize results?  How do you ensure that you are in the race?  What criteria are investors using when screening allocation options?

Meeting the Challenge

eVestment provides an efficient marketing channel for asset managers - a web-based shop window optimized for the institutional investor community – available to asset managers of all sizes.   In addition, eVestment offers access to competitive intelligence where managers can evaluate how they look compared to their peers.  After all, allocations are likely to favor a well-differentiated strategy.


eVestment Database

For asset managers, the most efficient way to ensure that your funds are seen is to have them in the eVestment database with robust and timely information. There is no cost to you to update the database.

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Analytics provides a robust engine powered by the eVestment global database where asset managers can evaluate:

  • How do I compare to my peers?
  • How do I compare to benchmarks?
  • What strategies are others following?
  • How does my product line-up look?
  • Are there any new or emerging strategies I should consider?

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Advantage lets you see how potential investors are “shopping” for new allocation targets to answer these types of questions:

  • What attributes are really driving the decision process?
  • What product categories are getting the most interest?
  • Who am I being shopped against?
  • How are my marketing efforts working?
  • Has recent good/bad performance created any unusual spikes in activity that might indicate an opportunity or a challenge?

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Asset Flows

Asset Flows offers a great view into global trends – across asset classes – with visibility into strategies, product types and style emphasis.  With Asset Flows, you can see:

  • What types of products are in or out of vogue?
  • What kind of firm is investing in what kind of product?
  • Am I garnering my expected market share based on volatility/sales efforts/performance?
  • Are my investments in sales and marketing paying off relative to the market?
  • How do I need to redeploy or allocate resources to take advantage of the current market dynamics?

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For traditional asset managers, interpreting the impact of investment choices adds value to clients who demand transparency in reporting.  Armed with better information, this data also helps differentiate your marketing message from the thousands of other firms and products in the market. eVestment Attribution is an equity holdings-based attribution system that helps you:

  • Understand the impact of security, sector and regional decisions as well as style, timing and activity components – quickly determining what helped or hurt performance
  • Evaluate attribution against a new and unique peer group relative view called Peer Alpha– think peer group “benchmark” based on actual and aggregated holdings -- or compare against a specific active manger
  • Access and review attribution within the same Analytics platform you know and love – complete with advanced filtering, charting and publishing capabilities
  • Understand the lens through which consultants and institutions are reviewing your performance
  • Remain confident that your specific holdings remain protected from your competition

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Omni helps resource-constrained asset managers to handle updates to multiple databases more efficiently so that you can:

  • Ensure that you are well-represented in the databases most important for your firm and product
  • Focus on populating characteristics that matter the most to your potential investors
  • Update information – and meet the deadlines
  • Optimize your resource investments with a full-service, partial-service or technology-based solution

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Peer Alpha

Peer Alpha is eVestment’s web-based, aggregated peer-holdings database that is fundamentally changing the way asset managers are differentiating their equity strategies — leveraging the help of the industry’s only 100% institutional holdings data.

  • Identify top-ranking stocks within specific universes and see how your portfolios contrast with the average portfolio in the universe
  • Differentiate your product and philosophy by using historical and active allocation data to back up claims
  • Enhance performance and holdings overlap analysis
  • Align marketing strategy and sales resources

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“While performance remains one of the most important factors when investors choose a fund, the ease of accessing and keeping track of their investments is increasingly important, too. As a result, distribution is becoming just as critical a factor as performance to determining a fund’s success, and will be addressed with renewed vigour.”
JP Morgan Chase