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Why Asset and Hedge Fund Managers Should Consider Listing with eVestment as a Priority

We have provided compelling information below on why you should submit your data to eVestment.  If you are ready to submit, you can register for an ID and password now at no cost.

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Top reasons to submit your data:

  • Your peers are already reporting on over 55,000 vehicles across traditional and alternative asset classes
  • Free distribution to 300+ of the largest institutional consultants and investors who are actively using eVestment for screening and placing assets
  • Secure database that complies with LAMP no action letters

eVestment hosts the most comprehensive database of traditional and alternative investment funds used broadly by institutional investors across the globe when conducting manager selection exercises for new mandates and when comparing existing allocations. With over 32,000 traditional long-only vehicles and over 23,000 total alternative strategies, the breadth and depth of coverage is unmatched.

The eVestment database has been named the “Most Influential Database” by FundFire and is ranked first in the top 10 list of “Must Be In” databases by Money Management Letter and iiSEARCHES. If your institutional data is not currently included in the eVestment Global Database, the likelihood of inclusion in initial fund screens leading to final presentations is significantly lower. If you are trying to raise or retain assets, there is no other third-party solution that offers the scope of global and regional institutional clients actively using the data for sourcing and evaluation.

eVestment provides institutional investors with data across all asset classes – eliminating the need for investors to aggregate traditional and alternative databases.  eVestment then layers in a powerful Analytics package, visibility into Asset Flows, peer group comparisons in Peer Alpha, performance breakdowns in Attribution, insight into criteria being used for current screens in Advantage and assistance with database updates through the Omni suite of solutions.

Representative Consultant and Institutional Users

  • Towers Watson Investment Consulting
  • Aon Hewitt
  • California Public Employees Retirement System
  • PGGM (Netherlands)
  • Kuwait Investment Authority
  • China Investment Corporation (CIC)
  • Shell Pension Fund

Compliance Standards

  • Secure password-protected website with multiple backups
  • Policies, practices and input portal are structured around three no-action letters issued by the SEC 
  • Subscribers to the eVestment Hedge Funds database must complete an accreditation questionnaire prior to gaining access
  • This website and eVestment’s database are used for informational and research purposes only.  Our site does not facilitate, and cannot be used for, the buying or selling of shares, units or other securities.  Neither eVestment nor any of its affiliates place or solicit offers, directly or indirectly, for any shares, units or other securities on behalf of any manager submitting data to the eVestment database
Question Answer
Why update eVestment’s database? Your firm will gain access to the largest distribution channel to the global institutional investment community. Institutional assets tend to be more sticky and stable with longer holding periods than the Retail Channel – providing greater stability and longevity for more effective product and management planning.
How many of my peers are actually doing this? Over 8,700 of your global peers have already updated the database with information on 55,000+ traditional strategies and hedge funds.
What is the cost? Submitting your data to eVestment costs you nothing.  Access to the database is available for a subscription fee.
This is a dynamic market. What if information changes? You have the opportunity to update any of the information provided in the database – adjusting values as appropriate and providing color commentary to more fully describe your investment philosophy and strategy.
How do I know if my fund has been included in a search? eVestment does not facilitate manager searches on behalf of our clients, rather they are conducted directly by investors. eVestment does offer a solution through Advantage that can provide insight to you on how often you are searched and how investors are using criteria to narrow down their lists.
What if I don’t have resources to update databases? eVestment offers various services to help you update our database as well as other databases as part of the Omni solution.

Register to Submit Data              Register for Data Submission Training