Reporting D&I Data to eVestment

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Why Report?

Research activity of the 1,000+ investment consultants, allocators and asset owners that rely on eVestment shows accelerated use of D&I criteria in manager screens. Users frequently set “data provided = yes” as a filter, so managers that do not provide data are very likely falling out of screens.

Telling Your D&I Story: Best Practices

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These give you multiple opportunities to narrate what your firm is doing to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Consultants, allocators and asset owners express considerable interest in the D&I policies and programs managers are implementing.

If you can’t provide demographic breakdowns of your portfolio teams, explain why.

Consultants, allocators and asset owners understand that it’s challenging for some managers to collect demographic data. The questionnaire provides opportunities to explain any firm policy or regulation that may be hindering your ability to collect or report demographic data. It also invites you to describe the diversity of the portfolio management team even where you cannot provide demographic breakdowns.

Educate your firm on the need to provide some level of D&I responses.

Failing to respond to any D&I questions may inadvertently suggest to researchers that diversity, equity and inclusion are not focus areas for your firm. Take advantage of the opportunity to show they are by explaining what you’re already doing to promote diversity.

Firm-Level Questions

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Click on the Ownership section and complete the fields

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Click on the Regulatory & ESG section, scroll to Staffing and complete the fields

Product-Level Questions

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Click on the Diversity & Inclusion section and complete the fields

Watch: The Institutional D&I Summit

The Institutional D&I Summit was held in October 2021 as a partnership between the Institutional Investing Diversity Cooperative (IIDC) and eVestment. Listen to the recordings from the event, where top consultants shared their perspectives on diversity. We also recorded a 4-minute tutorial on how to report firm- and product-level D&I data to eVestment.


Sean Chatburn, CFA
& Cori Trautvetter, CAIA

Diversity Project UK

Jane Welsh

Callan & FEG

Christina Drake
& Lauren Mathias, CFA


Cristina Catania
& Achim Schlitter

LPL Financial

Jason Hoody, CFA


Keeron Emmanuel


Stephen Beinhacker, CFA
& Jana Holt


Sam Austin