Traditional Assets

eVestment hosts the most comprehensive database of traditional and alternative investment funds used broadly by institutional investors across the globe. eVestment has been named the top database maintained and most important database as ranked by managers in the past three Cerulli manager survey reports, and is used by 70% of the Top 50 Global Consultants as ranked by Pensions & Investments in 2017.


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Data Submission FAQs

What is the cost to submit data?

Submitting your data to eVestment costs you nothing. You will also be able to see your profile as potential investors see it at no cost. If you are interested in seeing products other than your own, a subscription is available to the eVestment Analytics platform.

How does eVestment meet compliance standards?

  • Secure password-protected website with multiple backups
  • Policies, practices and input portal are structured around three no-action letters issued by the SEC

What if my information changes?

You have the opportunity to update any of the information provided in the database – adjusting values as appropriate and providing commentary to more fully describe your investment philosophy and strategy.

How do I know if my fund has been included in a search?

eVestment does not facilitate manager searches on behalf of our clients, rather they are conducted directly by consultants and investors. eVestment does offer a solution that can provide insight to you on how often you are researched and what criteria is being used to narrow down lists.

Who is consuming this information?

Several global consultants and investors rely on eVestment data for their research and due diligence. Here are a few of our clients and our global partners.

What if I don’t have resources to update databases?

eVestment offers a service to help you populate our database as well as other third-party and consultant databases.

I used to update Russell through BNY Mellon Workbench and was sent here. What do I do?

Please review this step-by-step guide on how to register on eVestment’s online Input Portal to begin providing Representative Account Data to Russell Investments.

This website and eVestment’s data are used for informational and research purposes only. Our site does not facilitate, and cannot be used for, the buying or selling of shares, units or other securities. Neither eVestment nor any of its affiliates place or solicit offers, directly or indirectly, for any shares, units or other securities on behalf of any manager submitting data to eVestment.