Top Docs Reviewed in 2016 Highlight Industry Trends

09 Jan
Public Plan IQ

Top Docs Reviewed in 2016 Highlight Industry Trends

Public Plan IQ, an eVestment company that offers a SaaS-based, searchable platform providing access to public pension plan reporting and board documents, revealed its top 10 viewed documents for 2016.

Traditional and alternative investment managers, consultants, placement agents, broker dealers and institutional investors all use Public Plan IQ to access the competitive intelligence of the US public plan sponsors. Clients utilize the available content to gain insight into how institutional investors manage their portfolios and identify potential new mandates.

The top viewed documents from Public Plan IQ in 2016 were:

1Verus Investments, “An Introduction to Active Management” presentation to the Indiana Public Retirement System
2Verus Investments, “Asset Allocation Implementation Plan” presentation to the Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Association
3Oregon Investment Council’s Public Equity Portfolio Annual Review by Investment Staff and Callan Associates
4Public Plan IQ’s Consolidated Board Minutes for US Public Funds covered
5AQR Capital Management, “A Century of Evidence on Trend Following Investing,” presentation to the Virginia Retirement System
6The Townsend Group Prospect Presentation to the San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System
7Goldman Sachs, “GSAM ActiveBeta and ESG Capabilities,” CalSTRS Teachers’ Retirement Board presentation
8Harding Loevner, “Emerging Markets Equity 2016 Review,” presentation to the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions
9Summit Strategies Group, “Active versus Passive Discussion,” presentation to Fire & Police Employee’s Retirement System of the City of Baltimore
10State of Michigan Retirement Systems Real Estate and Infrastructure Review

West Coast investment consultant firm Verus came out of 2016 with the two most popular documents: a discussion of Active vs Passive Management to an Indiana pension group and an Asset Allocation Recommendation to a Contra Costa County pension group. The top 10 list also highlights key trends that have been well explored in board rooms and media during the year, including ESG investment trends and multi-asset investing.

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eVestment, the global leader in institutional investment data and analytics, acquired Public Plan IQ in November of 2016.