Understanding eVestment Universe Classifications

03 May
eVestment Universes

Understanding eVestment Universe Classifications

We’ve now made it easier for our clients to have more visibility into how we classify products into eVestment universes. Experienced eVestment analysts use a combination of performance and style analysis, portfolio characteristics, country and currency allocations, and review of the strategy’s narratives to classify products.

For our investment manager clients, a new section on the input dashboard lets you:

  • Review your universe classification and reference our universe classification methods
  • Easily see the primary, secondary and rollup universe(s) for each of your products
  • See why your product may not be classified in a primary universe
  • Provide feedback to change or remove your universe classification(s)

In addition to our own methodology, we also heavily weigh feedback from our investment consultant and institutional investor clients to ensure the appropriateness of our classifications. We have added a link on the Fast Facts profile for you to more easily provide feedback directly to our universe team.

The construction of wide-ranging universes that are both pure in style and consistent over time is an important process at eVestment. Each quarter, we draw upon a mix of qualitative and quantitative factors to assess new database products and evaluate current eVestment universe constituents.

Importantly, eVestment universe classifications are not simply “manager reported style” lists. Instead, we review several key criteria to determine the best fit within a peer group and the consistency of a product’s attributes within a designated style classification. Numerous tools are used in these efforts, including the wide-ranging information of the industry’s most comprehensive database, the eVestment Global Database.

Additionally, we utilize style analysis tools, performance analysis over multiple periods, and the review of a product’s investment strategy narratives, all of which are collectively reviewed by eVestment team members with extensive background and experience in manager evaluation and universe creation.

If you have any other questions about our universe construction process, please contact us at data@evestment.com.